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Our Story

Years of Creating 

It takes a special kind of understanding, empathy and artistry to master this most subtle of professions – yet Rob Van Helden (RVH) has managed it, with an eye for the classic and a flair for the contemporary. Originally from Holland, Rob became mesmerised by the beauty and expressionistic possibilities of flowers and, on moving to the UK some 38 years ago, started a floristry business out of the back of his estate car.

Today, RVH floral design is synonymous with the best of international floristry – setting a standard for artistic accomplishment often copied but rarely attained. With a talented team that includes his sister Patrice, Rob has conceptualised several memorable occasions of recent times across Europe, Asia, the Far East, the Gulf and the USA. 

An immense amount of work goes into creating these wonders, as Rob explains: ‘It’s not just about the flowers, it’s very much about the props and creating a whole look – so we have invested a lot of money in beautiful candlesticks, night lights, urns, plinths and candles.

Years of creating events with beautiful floral displays and amazing props, which are available for hire, he is often asked by clients if they can buy the props and this has inspired us to starting RVH HOME.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us and we look forward to welcoming you very soon at our new store.

Rob & Patrice 


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